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      All Wood Log Splitters

                    "If It's All Wood, It's All Good"

 (734) 369-7115 

Why are our machines the best? Take a look at these features that only we provide!

The first thing you have to do when searching for a new log splitter is get past everyone's gimmicks. Everyone out there has their own reason why they do things but some manufacturers are lying to customers just to make their product seem better than it is. We are going to debunk these right now. 

Oil Coolers

We were the first one to install oil coolers on a log splitter many years ago. Now companies are telling customers they have to have them to keep their system cool. On a large high flow system that is correct. Now with a 22gpm system there is absolutely no need for an oil cooler unless your system is designed wrong. Small tanks, small hoses, elbow fittings and high pressure will build too much heat. 

Wear Parts

A few companies out there are installing all types of brass bushing, nylon bushings and who knows whatever else on their log splitters. We have building log splitters for over a decade and not once has anyone called and said I wore out my log lift pin hole or my main cylinder hole. If you are going through these types of things with your unit then it has very thin steel installed or low quality steel. Our splitters are made of the thickest materials in the industry. Our log lifts mounts are made of 3/4" and 1" thick American made steel. 

Log Grates

Sadly the industry is getting away from building quality and useful features. Here at All Wood Log Splitters we still believe in building parts that work as they should. Log grates, log cradle, separator grate or whatever else you would like to call them are a big part of your purchase. This accessory should do a couple things. First it should hold log that were just split so you don't have to bend over and grab them off the ground. The other one is a big one. The grate should also filter out small pieces of bark or wood that was just split so it doesn't end up in your wood pile. Nobody wants to take the time anymore to build a grate that will do just that. We are the only company left building a grate that does both. Yes it takes more time and it cost more money on our end but they are built right. That's all that matters to us. 

System Hydraulic Pressure

This is a big one that a lot of people just don't seem to understand. There are two or three different companies out there claiming to have their system pressure up past 3000psi. First of all this is a very dangerous thing. If anyone has ever seen a hydraulic hose blow at 2800psi they will know what it would be like with even more pressure. Second thing you have to think about is the about of wear you are putting on the entire system. You will go through more orings, seals, hoses, pumps, cylinders, etc. That's just common sense. Now we are going to get a bit more technical. These companies are claiming to have a 22gpm pump on a 11hp Honda GX390 engine running 3500psi or more. Well if you use the formula HP = (Flow x Pressure) / 1714 you will know that is impossible. These pumps flow from 6-7 gpm on the low side so you will need more HP then the engine will even provide. Yes the engine will build that pressure for a split second but then it will make the engine stall. You should be able to dead head the system and the engine should still run. If your machine cannot do that it is designed wrong and sooner or later something is going to fail. 

Check out these features that make us stand out from the crowd!

Our proprietary wedge design is like no other. This wedge system is the strongest on the market and it takes less force for the wood to split. Our new multi-way wedge design and push plate makes sure your rounds split every time. 

Our large capacity hydraulic systems keep the machine cooler and operating properly. Our larger models with higher flow systems come with hydraulic oil coolers. Stop burning your hands on other manufacturers poorly designed hydraulic systems.

Easy to use control levers make our machines easy to operate. We also use O-ring SAE style fittings so you don't have to worry about leaks or cracked hydraulic components.  

Why buy multiple places when you can buy at one place and talk to the same people anytime you need anything? Here at All Wood we build the best log splitters and conveyors on the planet. 

All of our log splitters come with great features including hydraulic log lifts, hydraulic wedge lift, 4 way wedge and log grates. Don't worry about add ons like our competitors. Our machines come with all the "extras".

We have been changing the way people split wood for 10 years. Don't be fooled by other manufactures falsely rated machines and poor workmanship.

All of our machines come standard with torsion axles and full size trailer tires. Every model we produce is rated to travel at 65mph. Also notice the 3" square tube frame which is by far the strongest in the industry. 

Some customers want something a little different than our standard product. We offer great options like color change, LED taillights and electric start. Please check out the "Pricing" page for options and pricing.