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      All Wood Log Splitters

                    "If It's All Wood, It's All Good"

 (734) 369-7115 

All Wood Log Splitters only sells direct. We do not have a dealer base because dealers have to make money too. This makes prices go up and we prefer to keep our machines affordable. If we sell direct we save our customers 20-30% and we personally get to speak with our customers. This also allows us to put on sales and give discounts that other manufacturers cannot do. 

We give all our military, veterans, EMT and firefighters customers a discount! WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! This discount changes depending on the order placed so please call or email for the exact amount. 

We are proud to be the industry leader in commercial log splitters. 12 years and hundreds of machines later we are still building the best log splitters on the planet. 

All Wood Log Splitters Pricing


List Price

 Sale Price

Pine Series



Oak Series



Ash Series



Locust Series



Musclewood Series



Redwood Series



Ironwood Series



 Bloodwood Series



 Petrified & Sycamore Series

 $29,500.00 and up

Please Call

 Custom Splitter

 Please Call

Please Call

 16' Conveyor



 20' Conveyor



**All Pricing is FOB. Normal shipping rates are roughly $500.00-$700.00. In most cases we can have splitters delivered for $1.25/mile. Customers are also welcome to pick their machine up at our facility at no charge.

We having been working hard this summer getting splitters built so we don't have our usual long lead times. This year we have our lead times down to 2-3 weeks. Please make sure this is the case when you place your order so there is no confusion. 

All orders must have 30-50% down depending on the unit ordered. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal as a down payment. A check or cash is requested at the time of delivery due to the fees of a CC and PayPal. We cannot ship machines filled with hydraulic oil so all prices do not include fluids.



Electric Start


 Hydraulic Oil Cooler (must install ES with this package)


 Auto Cycle Valve (only available on Oak and Locust models)


 Color Change (JD Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Black are available)


 6 Way Wedge


 8 Way Wedge


 Protected LED Taillights


 Redwood 30" Stroke


 Redwood 36" Stroke


 Ash 36" Stroke


 Ash 48" Stroke