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All Wood Log Splitters

"If It's All Wood, It's All Good"

(734) 369-7115 

We give all our military, veterans, EMT and firefighters customers an extra upgrade at no charge! WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! 

All Wood Log Splitters Pricing



Oak Series


Locust Series


Musclewood Series


Redwood Series


Bloodwood Series



Please Call

 Custom Splitters

Please Call

 16' Conveyor


 20' Conveyor


**All Pricing is FOB.  In most cases we can have splitters delivered for $1.25/mile. Customers are also welcome to pick their machine up at our facility at no charge.

All orders must have 30-50% down depending on the unit ordered. We accept checks  and credit cards  as a down payment. A check or cash is requested at the time of delivery due to the fees of a CC and PayPal.  All splitters must be paid in full BEFORE they leave our facility. 

We cannot ship machines LTL filled with hydraulic oil so all prices do not include hydraulic fluid.  It is available in our upgrade program at no extra charge.



32 gpm triple pump system for Locust (faster cycle time and separate valve for LL/WL)


Electric Start on Oak Series


Hydraulic Oil Cooler For Oak And Locust (must install ES on Oak with this package)


Auto Cycle Valve (only available on Oak and Locust models)


 6 Way Wedge


 8 Way Wedge


10 Way Wedge


36" x 60" Grate


LED Taillights


Redwood 30" Stroke


Redwood 36" Stroke